The main services we provide:

  • Cargo transportation by land,
  • Cargo transportation by air,
  • Freight transportation by sea,
  • Storage,
  • Cargo works,
  • Representation in customs.

JSC “Transkesta” provides freight transportation services for standard, special requirements and hazardous cargoes, as well as food and liquid products. One of the most important activities of the company – transportation of selected cargoes – is the collection of rather small quantities of cargo and their delivery to the recipients. Selected freight transport services cover several orders simultaneously, i.e. the same vehicle transports different goods at the intended destination, allowing customers to flexibly respond to market demands and, with the minimum transport costs, maintain the required range of products.

JSC “Transkesta” provides professional warehousing services in partner warehouses. The company carries out cargo handling, sorting, packaging and labeling works, we also take care of accounting of goods movement and documentation, providing detailed reports to clients.

UAB Transkesta prepares customs documents, carries out import, export and transit procedures, completes CMR and TIR carnets, prepares TIR electronic data. The company represents clients at customs offices, assists in obtaining the necessary permits, certificates and labels, take cares of the control of customs procedures and advises on all matters of customs documentation and formalities.

We always strive to offer favorable prices, as we use reliable relationships with our partners and carefully design optimal projects and transport routes that we offer for the best possible price.